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Swati chauhanSwati chauhan 

how to connect one salesforce org to another salesforce org.

i want to connect one sf org to another sf org and it must fetch all the tables and their respective feilds of that sf org. i am stucked and i have tried few ways that was avilale by jintedra zaa and other too. please help as i am stucked.
you can accomplish this through two ways
1)Dell Boomi which is an integration tool and helps to make a connection between orgs (https://boomi.com)
 2)Salesforce_to_Salesforce connection (https://developer.salesforce.com/page/An_Introduction_to_Salesforce_to_Salesforce)

Swati chauhanSwati chauhan
hey Ashish, Thanks for the help. i am going to try this and will let you know the result. Swati
Irrin MadlerIrrin Madler
There is one more good unbox solution called Skyvia (https://skyvia.com/connectors/salesforce). It`s a web-based solution for no-coding integration with broad mapping and wide scheduling features. With help of it, you can easily connect two different SF.orgs just in several clicks