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Ram K 35Ram K 35 

How to restrict user not to see other User Records ?

Hi All,

I do have 10 users with different  custom profiles and now i want to restrict all 9 user  records  ?
I have removed view all permissions to 10th user at profile level although i am seeing admin records   ?
how can i do it.any help is appreciated?

Jefferson FernandezJefferson Fernandez
Hi there,
When you say restrict, restrict the users from what? When you removed view all but can still see records, what records are you referring to and what is the current OWD settings for your org? is it from object level view allPlease put more context on your question so we could answer effectively.
Soundar Rajan PonpandiSoundar Rajan Ponpandi
HI Ram,

Please refer the following details for restrict users to view other user records.

(configured under Admin Setup->Manage Users->Profiles) are used to control which Salesforce objects (database tables) are available to Users assigned to the Profile, and what actions those Profile Users are allowed to perform on the table.  Profiles can be configured to allow for Create, Read, Write, and Delete access on an object-by-object basis.  Salesforce provides several Standard Profiles that are configured for some general purposes.  These Standard Profiles can’t be edited, but you can use them as a starting point by cloning them into Custom Profiles that suit the needs of your org.

(configured under Admin Setup->Manage Users->Roles) are used to control which Salesforce records are available to Users assigned to the Role. Unlike Profiles, there is no configuration in a Role.  Instead, Roles are arranged in a hierarchy.  Top level Roles can contain lower level Roles.  Record access is determined by the Role of the Record Owner.  Any member of the Role hierarchy above the Record Owner’s Role will have access to the record. Users in the same Role as the Record Owner, and Users in Roles outside of that hierarchy, may or may not have access.  By default, all Users have Read-Write access to all records in Salesforce.  However, this is controlled by Organization Wide Sharing — a topic for another time.

Ram K 35Ram K 35
Hi Jefferson Fernandez,
Thanks for the respond
I want to restrict some standard and custom objects records that one user should not see other  9 user records and OWD is Public
 I have removed view all and modify all access for the objects but still  i see admin created records in All Objects 

Thanks ,