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System.LimitException: Apex CPU time limit exceeded issue


I have setup a new SalesForce environment and I have to transfer my Apex classes on it.

In order to deploy my code I use a test class with test methods.

A validation process is started when I try to deploy the changes.

This validation invokes all existing test methods and the environment throws the following exception:
System.LimitException: Apex CPU time limit exceeded

Oddly enough on the old environment there is no such exceptions

I'm sending you a method of my source code where the Apex CPU time limit exceeded is most likely to happen:
private List<LeadConversionContainer> checkByWebsite(Lead leadObj) {
        List<LeadConversionContainer> accountWebsites = new 
        String website = leadObj.Website;
        String leadId = leadObj.Id;
        List<Account> accWebsiteList = [SELECT Website, Url__c, Status__c FROM 
        if(website != null && !website.equals('') && accWebsiteList != null) {
            List<String> leadWebsites = extractWebsites(website);
            for (String leadUrl : leadWebsites) {
                String normWebsite = normalizeWebsite(leadUrl);
                String leadWebsite = normWebsite.trim();
                for(Account acc : accWebsiteList) {
                    String accountWebsite = acc.Url__c;
                    String accountId = acc.Id;
                    List<String> extractedAccountWebsite = 
                    for(String accWebsite :extractedAccountWebsite) {
                        String accountSite = normalizeWebsite(accWebsite);
                        if(accountSite != null) {
                            List<String> leadSplitWebsitesList = leadWebsite.split('[,;\\s]');
                            for(String leadSplitUrls :leadSplitWebsitesList) {
                                if(accountSite.equals(leadSplitUrls)) {
                                    boolean isAccountStatusActive = isAccountActive(acc);
                                    boolean isMerchantApplication = 
                                    if(isAccountStatusActive || isMerchantApplication) {
                                        String reasonToStopConversion = 'Lead Website coincide with 
                                        Account Website';
                                        LeadConversionContainer leadConvert = new 
                                        LeadConversionContainer(acc.Id, '', reasonToStopConversion);
        return accountWebsites;

Please advise how to solve the issue with my deploy and avoid such System.LimitException: Apex CPU time limit exceeded exception?
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Amit Chaudhary 8Amit Chaudhary 8
Issue is coming because of nested for loop. Try to avoid nested For loop.

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Harshit Garg 6Harshit Garg 6

Here is an article from Salesforce on how you can address this Apex CPU timelimit exceeded error with best practices : (

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Harshit Garg
Amit Chaudhary 8Amit Chaudhary 8
Issue is coming because of nested for loop. Try to avoid nested For loop.
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sfadm sfadmsfadm sfadm
Hi Amit,

Could you please suggest an example code on what I need to modify in my code because although the reason of this limit exception is due to the nested for loop I do not see how to modify my code to avoid such exception.