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David PowersDavid Powers 

Can't Install App / Where is "Download AppExchange Packages"?


I'm currently on the Admin Beginner trail and I have ONE LAST Hands-on challenge with  "Extend Your Reporting Strategy with AppExchange" to complete the beginner level. 

Sadly despite having the correct login, password when I go to install the "Salesforce Adoption Dashboards package" I get the following message before being allowed to install it: 

User-added image

Of course I am the Salesforce administrator. I reset my password and logged back in to the same result. I searched these forums & elsewhere online with no luck with the info provided. I still receive the same message and I can't log in despite my information being correct. Additionally I am being given the test-dot-salesforce-dot-com URL 

I saw some forum posts about checking off the "Download AppExchange Packages" checkbox in my profile but alas it's not there. I searched all over my account in "Administration" in Setup but there is nothing that even matches that or gives me an option to allow the downloading of AppExchange apps. 

As far as I can tell everything is correct so I have no idea why it's not accepting my login and why I am getting the runaround. 

What can I possibly do to login and download this package??? 

Major thanks to anyone who can help me get past this obstacle. 


David PowersDavid Powers
If anyone could give a step-by-step with visuals that would be a big help as I have had zero idea where these permissions are available on Setup from reading prior forum posts. Thanks! 
David PowersDavid Powers
Hi, I am seeing "dev ed" come up in the URL so I am guessing it's a developer account. How do I switch to a production box if that's what I need to install this?
David PowersDavid Powers

Now when I attempt to install the app I get this message:

User-added image

Again, I am the System Admin as I'm just using a free account to use Trailhead. How do I give myself permission to install the app? 

So weird! 


Best way I found to install the package is to take the installation URL after "salesforce.com" which would be something like that "packaging/...etc" and then paste it in the Window after I launch the sandbox from the challenge module. This would save you the trouble of logging in again.
David PowersDavid Powers

Hi Samy, unfortunately this is not my case. AppExchange is telling me I do not have permission to install the app. Please refer to my last post. 

Additionally the package URL does not have ""packaging/..." so I'm not clear on what you may be referencing.

The URL for the Dashboard Package is https://appexchange.salesforce.com/listingDetail?listingId=a0N30000004gHhLEAU

If you can help me figure out how to give myself permission to install apps on my account that would be what I need at this time.

What type of sandbox are you running? And did you try to spin-off a new trailhead playground to workaround this?
David PowersDavid Powers

I'm not 100% clear on what you mean by what type of sandbox am I running. Can you give me some more details. 

I created a new Trailhead Playground & unfortunately it's giving me the same results. 

In the Playground when I access AppExchange and click Get it Now it asks me to log in again. I'm then prompted to allow AppExchange my basic info. Once I give it access it takes me to a Salesforce Classic page & tells me the URL no longer exists. 

When I go to the AppExchange website I click Get It Now, select Sandbox, & it asks me to log in again (despite already being logged in), & it asks me to check my login & pass....despite that information being correct. 

I'm stumped on what to do next. Such a simple thing to do & I can't get it. 

Trailhead playgrounds are considered production (not sandbox) maybe that is why you are not able to do it.
David PowersDavid Powers
Ah, OK so it appears from what you're saying I do not have a Sandbox. How do I get one then?
David PowersDavid Powers
Scratch that. My brain was going in another direction. I chose production & it has finalled been installed. 

Thanks for bearing with me Samiy! I appreciate your help greatly!
Tomislav StipićTomislav Stipić
I've encountered too many issues of this kind thus far.
Is Salesforce becoming depreciated?
The conslussion stemming from how there's no official handiwork done on these things causing problems, among of which one's been encountered already in 2015..
I'm loosing too much time on these issues.