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Nicole SackinNicole Sackin 

how to trigger a workflow or a process based on a Contact being added to an Opportunity


I am looking to create a workflow or a process builder that is triggered by a Contact being added to an Opportunity.
Basically, I want the Lead source of the Opportunity to be the Lead Source of the Contact record.

Anyone know how to do this?

Hi Nicole,  
Follow the Steps and screenshot I have shared.
1.Go to Setup - > search --- >Process Builder --> New → enter the name → select A record change from the picklist .
2.Select Opportunity as the starting object ---> In criteria definition - Enter the name and in set condition make two conditions
a.Opportunity.LeadSource  != null
b.Opportunity.Contact.Id != null
And click save button.
3. In Immediate Action  In record Part select [Opportunity].Contact and after that in Second part Field name -> select Lead Source In Type (Reference ) - >Value [Opportunity.LeadSource].

Screenshot .

User-added image

User-added image
That's all !! Hope It works.