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ranjithreddy dakururanjithreddy dakuru 

i create a sample calculator by using custom controllers in visualforce page.but i want a calculator and that should be seen,operating and working style look like a calculator.how can i create by using controllers in visualforce?

check this link:  http://www.infallibletechie.com/2013/01/sample-caluculator-using-apex-in.html
Hi Ranjithreddy,

please find out bellow code....
<apex:page controller="BasicVisualforcePage1">
    <apex:form >
        Enter num1 : <apex:inputText value="{!num1}"/><br/>
        Enter num2 : <apex:inputText value="{!num2}"/> <br/>
        <apex:commandButton value="Add" action="{!myAdditionMethod}"/><t/>
        <apex:commandButton value="Sub" action="{!mysubMethod}"/>
        <apex:commandButton value="Mul" action="{!myMulMethod}"/>
        <apex:commandButton value="DIV" action="{!myDIVMethod}"/>
        HERE YOUR OUTPUT is:<apex:outputText value="{!additionValue}"/>

Class :
public class BasicVisualforcePage1{
    public integer num1{set;get;}
    public integer num2{set;get;}
    public integer additionValue{set;get;}
    public void myAdditionMethod(){
        additionValue = num1+num2;
    public void mysubMethod(){
        additionValue = num1-num2;
    public void myMulMethod(){
        additionValue = num1*num2;
    public void myDIVMethod(){
        additionValue = num1/num2;

Thanks & Regrads 
Gopal M.
ranjithreddy dakururanjithreddy dakuru
thank you for reply.i already create a sample calculator by using same like your code.but i want work with more numbers not two numbers.thats why i am want to create like a online calculator.if suppose i click on number 1 that should be display  in box 1 .i want to design the visualforce page same like above pic and along with arithmetic operations. User-added image
naaz simranaaz simra