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Adam RoarkAdam Roark 

Salesforce Lightning Experience Rollout Specialist Superbadge Challenge 7

I have been receiving an error and I am stuck on where to go to resolve this. the error is "Challenge Not yet complete... here's what's wrong: 
The Account record home page may not be activated."

I cant seem to figure out what to do! HELP
Ken SeaneyKen Seaney
Did you resolve this yet? I am stuck with the same error in Rollout Specialist Superbadge Challenge 7.
Ken SeaneyKen Seaney
Figured it out. You need to go to any account record in Lightning, Edit the layout using the gear in the upper right, then add the report chart to the record layout... but make sure you rename the Label for it to what is in the challenge: Opps by Stage and not default. Hope this helps. I was stuck on this for a while.
Pankaj Gupta 12Pankaj Gupta 12
I am also stuck at the same error. Can you post the screenshots on how did you resolve it.
My report name is as per Challenge "Opportunities Pipeline".
Then I ran the report and added the funnel chart and named it as Opps by Stage.
Added the chart to 2 page layouts of accounts - Sales and Account Layout. (covering 2 record types for 2 profiles).

Still I am getting the error "The Account record home page may not be activated."
Pls advise.
Ken SeaneyKen Seaney

In Lightning, open a sample record - any record. Then edit that page by using the gear icon to edtit the page. Place the report chart to the page and make sure the male of the Label listed in the right column is named correctly. If I remember right, it was named something by default when I placed the chart on the the page layout and had to be renamed. Save and Activate the record page. That's what I did....
See if you can do it but I can do screenshots for you if needed.


Ken SeaneyKen Seaney
not 'male' of the label... I meant 'name'.
Pankaj Gupta 12Pankaj Gupta 12
Thanks Ken.
I solved it by creating a new Lightning record page and adding the report chart to that. 
Thanks :) 
Dinesh LakshmananDinesh Lakshmanan
Hello Pankaj and Ken,

I created a new Lightning account record page and added the report chart to it.I am receiving the below error.Can you guide me ?
Challenge Not yet complete... here's what's wrong: 
The Account record page must include the required chart with the correct label.
Ken SeaneyKen Seaney
So in Lightning, look at an Account Record page... one of the sample accounts in your org. Then go up to the gear icon and it should have a choice to Edit This Page. Click that. Select in the area on on the page where your chart is. Look to the right and it should have the settings (including the Label name) for your chart. Edit it as named in the requirements and then Save and Activate it.
If you don't have you chart in there, add it from the left side choices for components, choose the correct chart in the right side, and make sure the Label has the correct name. If I remember correctly, my chart had a generic name (Label) and had to be edited from the layout edit page to be labeled correctly. See if that works!!

Dinesh LakshmananDinesh Lakshmanan
Thanks a lot.Just saw that I had named the page as Opportunities Pipeline instead of Opps by Stage.Have completed the challenge.Thanks again !!!
Ken SeaneyKen Seaney
Perfect, DInesh! Good job, and glad I could help a little bit. That had some tricky parts to it to get it to accept your work.

Parth MewaraParth Mewara
Thanks Ken !! Was stuck on this for a long time.
Hi Ken & Parth, 
I tried suggestions posted by both of you , but I am still not getting rid of this error.
I have a Lightning App page on Account  - 'Account page' and Report chart - 'Opps by stage'

Is there I am missing anything. ? below is my screen shot of the lightning page on Account and Report chart.
User-added image
Parth MewaraParth Mewara
Hi SBisht,

You don't need to create any new page for this.

As Ken suggested, simply go to the Accounts Object in Lightning -> open any record present there.

Then Click on the Gear Icon(the one from where you go to Setup) on the top and click Edit Page.
This will take you to the Account Record Page where you have to add the chart.

Also remove the Filter By in the chart i.e. keep the filter -> none .. In your screenshot it is Filter By Account ID.

Click Save and Activate the Page for all users (if prompted).

Hope that will work.
zia ansari 16zia ansari 16
Hi Bisht,

I actually passed the challenge by creating new record page but I believe that's not a good was as it leaves the account record page with only the funnel chart and nothing else displayed on the page, so went back and edited the record page, it works better, so not to confuse you try the suggestion given by Ken, it works may be you should check other smaller points, spell check, not extra dots here and there, no extra trailing or leading spaces etc
Don Dew 6Don Dew 6
This challenge is driving me crazy. I've edited the existing record page and added the chart. I've created a new record page with only the chart. I've tried all combinations of filters on the chart. The chart is named "Opps by Stage" as requested by the challenge. It is still not validating. Any ideas are greatly appreciated. The screenshot below is from the account record page, currently set as the org wide default.
.User-added image

Don Dew 6Don Dew 6
I finally got it I reproduced the scenario in a fresh Trailhead org. The only thing I can think of is that an an earlier step, when I was "replacing" the account object with the account VF page I may have changed a key label that the challenge was looking for.
swapnil shikha 13swapnil shikha 13
I am facing this issue:
Challenge Not yet complete... here's what's wrong: 
The Opportunities Pipeline report must: 1. Display data for all time, 2. Show opportunities by stage, 3. Contain a funnel chart, 4. Provide the information required by the dashboard.
User-added image
User-added image
User-added image
User-added image
Ekta Gupta 37Ekta Gupta 37
I just want to share when I changed saved location to any other than private folder - resolved my issue.