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Sophie FollySophie Folly 

How can I get a fresh Trailhead Playground since I made a mistake in the last one?

I made a mistake in one of my Challenges that may be linked to something i did during an execrise in the lesson.  I see tips on the forum to use a fresh Trailhead Playground, but it's not clear how I do that.  I keep winding up in the previous one and getting error messages due to the mistake I may have mad previously.
Wade Lovell 1Wade Lovell 1
Go to the bottom of the page in the Trailhead where the Challenge is located.Click the down arrow next to the blue "Launch" button. At the end of the drop down is an option to Create a Trailhead Playground. Use it to create a new playground. You may also want to manage your playgrounds and delete the one with the sever problem. Good luck!