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surya prasad G Asurya prasad G A 

Didn't find the All Lusso Scarpe Employee group record page in lightning experience rollout specialist challenge #6


I am getting the error as below

Didn't find the All Lusso Scarpe Employee group record page

Could you please suggest me
surya prasad G Asurya prasad G A
Screen shotUser-added image
This happened to me as well. Have you created a Lightning record page for the actual Chatter Group? Also, watch what you name it. This ( may help.
surya prasad G Asurya prasad G A
Hi Gemma,

Thank you for the help.

And now i am getting error in challenge #7

John Wiseman must be subscribed to receive the Opportunities Pipeline report every Monday at 8 am.

When i am subscribing it is getting error as in the following attachment

User-added image
check your folder permissions to ensure you have shared it with his role / user
surya prasad G Asurya prasad G A

Thank you for your help, but i am getting the error as below

Challenge Not yet complete... here's what's wrong: 
There was an unexpected error while verifying this challenge. Usually this is due to some pre-existing configuration or code in the challenge Org. We recommend using a new Developer Edition (DE) to check this challenge. If you're using a new DE and seeing this error, please post to the developer forums and reference error id: XMOQMQKY

Thank you,

Hi Prasad - I'm afraid I can't help you with that one; unless you have used a new environment, you may hit some problems. It may be worth getting the Trailhead team involved - let me know what they say
Tony White (BNE)Tony White (BNE)
Prasad - where are you getting that error?
I have managed to fix that on challenge 6 for myself, I had missed setting the description for the group.
Gregg Van Voorhis 14Gregg Van Voorhis 14
FYI - one other thing I did wrong was the name of the Detail page. I named it All Lusso Scarpe Employees and that didn't work. I had to change both the Label and the API name to Group Record Page.
Rafael Suarez MarquezRafael Suarez Marquez
I did exactly the same thing that @Gregg Van Voorhis did.  The thing worked as soon as I renamed the API name. There's a gap here between the requirement and the challenge review.

BTW, I have  no idea why someone would vote down Gemma's post  and link to her tips blog. -Envy?-  Congrats on your 13 certs @Gemma Emmett 7 and my best wishes and good health.
Manohar VenkataramanManohar Venkataraman
Hi all, this has been driving me crazy.  I've followed the instructions and labeled the page 'Group Record Page', but no matter what I still keep getting the error: "Didn't find the All Lusso Scarpe Employee group record page."  I've googled everywhere but can't find a solution.  I had to create a brand new trailhead for this challenge because it didn't work on any of my existing trailheads, so this is a clean environment.  Any help would be much appreciated!
Manohar VenkataramanManohar Venkataraman

Trailhead support was able to resolve this at the link below.  I'm also including the solution that they sent to me that worked:

Please follow this steps in the given order to resolve your issue:
1. Go to Lightning App Builder 
2. Delete Group Record Page (Note: if the page is assigned as Org default, un assign it by clicking activation button)
After confirming that Group Record Page is deleted and is not listed in the Lightning App Builder, Please do the following steps:
1. Click Groups tab 
2. Select ‘All Lusso Scarpe Employees’ Group Page.
3. Click Setup and Click Edit Page
4. Add the following lightning components
i. Recommendations
ii. Trending Topics
5. Save and Activate the Page (Note: Activate the Page and set it as Org Default! if this is not done, challenge can not be completed!)

Manuel Bustos 9Manuel Bustos 9
I'm stuck on this challenge, i have created the group ‘All Lusso Scarpe Employees’ but if i go to Groups Tab i see the chatter group, not group page as in 2, and dont have setup as in 3. You have made us delete the group record page. Is there a missing step or re creating the group page with lightning app builder?, i tried re creating it but still not working
Anjali S 8Anjali S 8
Didn't find the All Lusso Scarpe Employee group record page. PLease help me to solve this error..i got stuck here
It is funny and crazy for the errer message "Didn't find the All Lusso Scarpe Employee group record page.", but the solution for that seems to be that the name of the Chatter Group record page shoud be "Group Record Page". Thanks Carl for the post in
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