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surya prasad G Asurya prasad G A 

I am getting error in challenge #7 Lighting Experience Rollout Specialist


I am getting error as below

John Wiseman must be subscribed to receive the Opportunities Pipeline report every Monday at 8 am.  

When i am subscribing it is getting error as in the following attachment

User-added image
Aaron Pratt 8Aaron Pratt 8
What happens if you have only John as a recipient? It looks like there are a couple receiving it.
Kiruthika MatthewKiruthika Matthew

Hi Surya,
    Report should be saved in "Unfiled Reports Folder". Please check the folder. 


Tripti Patra 5Tripti Patra 5
Even i am facing the same issue. 
@Kiruthika, Report is saved under "Public Reports" folder.
@Aaron, even if only john is recipient getting the same error.