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Wave Replicated Data

I have a Sales Cloud org with Analytics enabled and also a 2nd external org (Service Cloud). I have set up replication and there are 10 or so objects replicated from Sales and 2 from the Service org. Replication runs nightly at 2am and seems to work (in that I can create datasets in Analytics studio using the replicated data).

However, if I go to the Data Manager and try to create a Recipe on either the Sales or Service replicated data, I get this error:
The dataset could not be loaded: There are no datasets with Id 'xxx' where xxx is presumably the record ID of the replicated dataset. 

Anyone else seen this and knows of a solution?
In case anyone else experiences this in the future, the answer is:

"Make sure you have the permission of "edit Wave analytics dataflows" assigned to yourself" - I didn't, which is why I was getting the obscure error; once I checked the box in the relevant Permission Set, it started working