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lightning experience rollout specialist - Challenge 8

I'm currently getting the following error:
Create custom text fields called Question and Answer. The Answer field must allow reps to include images and format text that they enter.
I have fields Question (Text field: Question__c) and Answer (Rich Text Area: Answer__c) added to the Linked Article object. 
Bruce DixonBruce Dixon
I was under the impression that those fields needed to be on the knowledge object.  I think linked article is more of a bridging object.  
Thanks Bruce; I ended up trying that shortly after my post, and that was the problem.
Kamal ThakurKamal Thakur
@aj2taylo2010 how did you resolve this? 
Charlotte WelleCharlotte Welle
@Kamal Thakur (and other searching for the same)

In Setup -> Customize -> Knowledge -> Knowledge Object Setup
In this screen, add the two fields. 

All the stuff asked (the 3 page layouts, record types and fields) for customizing Knowledge must be done through this screen. NOT in the "Linked Articles" section.
Christopher Stewart 7Christopher Stewart 7
Can you please show me how to do this with pictures? I am still stuck on this.