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Bryan Leaman 6Bryan Leaman 6 

ant deployment provides no description or list of components

I need a way to see a description and list of affected components from an ant deployment like you can with a change set. One developer at our location prefers using ant. I'd be fine with that, but by using change sets I have immediate access to know what was changed with each deployment and ant doesn't provide any of that. Seems like at a minimum it should provide the list of items referenced by the manifest and a meaningful name and description of what the deployment was for.
Chellappa NagarajanChellappa Nagarajan
Hi Bryan,
I am trying to understand your exact ask.
Normally for Ant migration, we create a folder in the local machine for packaged deployment. 
That folder should already contain all components being deployed.
Are you looking for something to be seen in the Salesforce UI in the front end? 

Bryan Leaman 6Bryan Leaman 6
I was referring to the record of the deployment when I look at "inbound change set" using the UI. All I can see is a deployment Id, not what was included in that deployment.