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Eric BynumEric Bynum 

Getting "Could not find the correct dashboard state." error message on "Add Key Metrics to Evaluate Your Business" unit of "Analytics Dashboard Building Basics" trailhead module.

I have seen two other people report this same problem on this discussion group, but I didn't see any resolution to either. I am also getting this error. I'm sure that the dashboard has been created and saved correctly - I went through each step twice from its original creation. I even scrapped the entire dashboard and started all over again -- same result. Can someone please tell us what is going on here?
Deborah OrthDeborah Orth
I'm having the same issue, "Could not find the correct dashboard state. Please verify the endpoint and results are correct."

I created a brand new Analytics Org, set it up as a connected org for Trailhead, confirmed that it launches correctly from the Add Key Metrics to Evaluate Your Business module but when it goes to verify the step it gets this error.

Can someone on the Trailhead team help us out here?
Christian Eichhorn 8Christian Eichhorn 8
Here is a discussion from the Developer forums which you might find helpful, even there is no solution yet: