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shaker shaikhshaker shaikh 

trigger for update child data on parent record...?

Parent Object - Account  there are two field Total_opp__c and Total_revenue__C
(Lookup relationship)
Child object - Opportunity - field Revenue__C

i want sum of revenue on account record (in field Total_Revenue__C ) page as opportunities associated with it
and in th Total_Opp__C it should show count of opportunities like how many opportunities available in that
please help to complete below trigger...

trigger update_opp_detail on Opportunity (After insert, After update,After delete, After undelete) {
  set<id> oppSet = new set<id>();
  for (opportunity op : trigger.new) { 

Thank you
Deepak Pandey 13Deepak Pandey 13
it should be like -
Example On account update from contact
trigger  Updatefee on Contact (After insert, After update, After delete ) {
    Set<Id>setIds = new Set<Id>();
    List<Account>lstacc = new List<Account>();
        For(Contact objcon : trigger.new){
        List<Account>lstacc1 = [Select id,name,count__c,Total_fee__c,(Select id,name,Fee__c from Contacts) from Account where Id IN:setIds];
        If(lstacc1 !=null && lstacc1.size()>0 ){
            For(Account acc : lstacc1){
                For(Contact con : trigger.new){
                    if(Con.AccountId == acc.Id ){
                        if(acc.Total_fee__c == null){
                            acc.Total_fee__c = 0;
                        acc.Total_fee__c = acc.Total_fee__c + Con.Fee__c; 
                    acc.count__c = lstacc1[0].Contacts.size();
        update lstacc;