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Can I implement a private flag on Opportunity Object with following Criteria

Can I implement a custom private flag to satisfy the following Criteria. If not Which of them is possible and which is not?
Private flag should be set only while opportunity creation.
Private flag access should be given only to specific users through permission set.
Private opportunity should not be candidate for system assignments. It should be excluded from any assignment jobs.
Private flag should be available in report. This will help territory team to avoid any manual assignment on these opportunities.
Private opportunity share should only have creator and manually added opportunity team members. All other share like All Internal User, Partner Care User or any record due to Account Sharing should not be part of opportunity share on these type of opportunities.
Private opportunity should be excluded from sharing rule.
Only opportunity creator and person higher in their role hierarchy should able to access this opportunity.
Opportunity team member (added manually by creator) should only be able to access this opportunity. It should not be visible to person higher in added teams member’s role hierarchy.