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Benjamin BogartBenjamin Bogart 

Rich text box like email compose box

I would like to get my richtext input box to display and behave the way the email compose rich text box does.  See this page:

The email box has more design options, and allows you to enter a single new line, instead of forcing each new line into a new paragraph.

But reading through the design system page, I cant tell how to modify the default rich text field to behave this way.  Any help, or pointers in the right direction would be appreciated.  Thanks in advance.
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Benjamin BogartBenjamin Bogart
I'm obviously new here so I'll answer my own question.  Seems the lightning desing page isn't very useful to those developing components for Salesforce.  Instead, salesforce provides lightning components for some of the the lightning design components that you can call from your custom component.
<lightning:inputRichText value="Body text here" />