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Marco Ivan MejiaMarco Ivan Mejia 

Create Easy Access to the Activation Flow...Challenge Not yet complete

I followed the instructions, make the previous challenges and now I can not pass this ... Has anyone completed it already?

P.S. An apology if my writing is not very good, my native language is Spanish

Challenge Not yet complete... here's what's wrong:  'Activate Temp Access Flow' lightning app page doesn't exist with the flow component called 'Accounts Temp Access'. Check the instructions
Olivia DavisOlivia Davis
I'm stuck on this same error! Can't figure it out! Seems pretty straighforward and have passed the previous challenges...
Kevin Willemse 4Kevin Willemse 4
This is ridiculous. Ive been stuck on this for days and follwed the instructions to a tee and passed all the other prerequisites. Can someone from SF please fix the instructions or offer assistance here?