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Rebekah CastilloRebekah Castillo 

How to add field labels that have been renamed to a change set


I have renamed a number of standard fields on the Account & Contact object to suit my Org (e.g. Billing Address has been renamed to Mailing Address).

So far these changes have been made in my Sandbox Org and rather than make the changes again in my Production Org I would like to deploy these changes via a Change Set.

Is this possible?

I have read, that these changes might be able to be added to a Custom Metadata Type, which I could then to my Change Set. Is this a possibility and if so, how to I add these new field labels to a Custom Metadata Type?

Thanks in advance.
Gaurav Jain 7Gaurav Jain 7
Hi Rebekah,

These settings are stored in the CustomObjectTranslation metadata object, and you can deploy them in any tool that uses the metadata API. (You can make this change by using the metadata APIs either using ANT and manually building a package.xml, or by writing a custom script to do it using SOAP.)



also check below link:

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