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Karla Pliego 3Karla Pliego 3 

field hidden from certain users

I want certain fields to be visible to some users, I tried using the permissions set, assigned those fields and then added users. But it seems like they are visible to everyone not just the user in the permission sets. How do I change it? 

Also, the notes object that is supposed to go at the bottom of the layout page of any object is missing from the layout, how can I add it if not in the related lists when I edit the layout for that object? 
Bart Van DorenBart Van Doren
When you talk about hidding fields for some users, I suggest you create a page layout for specific profiles.
Permission sets work in the following way : 
You first make sure that no one has access to these fields (field level security) and then you use a specific permission set to give access to those fields.What happend here is that the access to those specific fields is not closed. And therefor the  extra permission set is useless since everyone already has access to the fields.

And regarding the notes & attachments, you don't see the related list in the possible lists at the top of the page when editing the page layout?
For some Objects like cases, this is normal (it only has the attachment related list). But for standard objects like Account, it should be in that list. Make sure you select related lists in the left menu on top.