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Jérôme PijpersJérôme Pijpers 

Webform domain questions


At the moment I need to create a custom web form for a company.
They already made another custom web form and registered a force.com site domain name.
Example :  http://ourcompany.force.com/
I did read you can only use one domain name so I was thinking I need to do this:

For their already existing webform, it should change to http://ourcompany.force.com/existingwebform
and for my new webform i need to create this                http://ourcompany.force.com/mynewwebform

is this true? or am I really talking nonsense (sorry I'm really new to the platform 2 months and all is new for me)also if true, is adjusting from http://ourcompany.force.com/ to http://ourcompany.force.com/existingwebform a big deal i.e what do I have to change in that other web form?

thanks for any reply, any help is welcome :)
Manoj DegaManoj Dega
Hi Jelly,

you can create new web form using a subdomain like this:  http://ourcompany.force.com/mynewwebform