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Jose A. PerezJose A. Perez 

Challenge Not yet's what's wrong: Could not find a default value of 'Qualification' for the 'Stage' field.

Hello, I am working on the Admin Beginner-->SF1 Mobile Customization-->Create Global Quick Actions TH.  I am getting the Challenge Not yet Complete message saying "Could not find a default value of 'Qualification' for the 'Stage' field."  When I go to the SF1 app and click on New Offer the Stage shows as the third field with Qualification filled in already.  Is that not what the challenge is asking me to do in the 5th bullet where it states “Set the predefined value of the Stage field to Qualification”?  I have run through the challenge 3 times already and still get the same error.  There was a post in August 2017 with the same issue but I checked all the suggestions that they discussed and no dice.  Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!
dinesh kumardinesh kumar
state your procedure ?? then only we can identify the error.
Hi Josh,

I have read your problem,
Then i decided to solve your problem by giving screenshots. So that you do not miss any required steps to complete this challenge.

1) First go to ‘setup’ in salesforce.

2) Then Search for ‘Global Action’ in Quick Find/Search box.
3) Then Click ‘New Action’ button.

4) Then fill the fields as shown in below screenshot.
   User-added image

5) Then Remove ‘Account Name’ & ‘Next Steps’ field from Section and Move them to above pallete as shown with blue marker below:
  User-added image
6) Keep remaining fields as it is there and Save it by clicking ‘Save' button.

7) Now in ‘Predefined Field Values’ Section Click on ‘New’ Button as shown below.
User-added image

8) Select ‘Stage’ Field in Field Name below and wait a while.
User-added image

9)  Then Choose ‘Qualification’ in a ‘A specific value’ filed   & the Save it.
User-added image

10) Now, Click Your Check Challenge Button in trailhead, You’ll pass your challenge easily.

Hope this may help you.

dinesh kumardinesh kumar
User-added image
@akshay : do mind explaining me the next unit object-specific qucik action and for compact layout ? bcos am stuck with those 2 units. I did as the procedure stated. but am am getting error
Jose A. PerezJose A. Perez
hello akshay,

thank you for the response. i found something difference between your screen and mine.  When i create the global action I see a record type field.  
It has master, service record type, and product service type as its selection.  I have tried using all 3 and still get the same error when checking the challenge.
User-added image

I went into the opportunities object to see if i can remove the record types but it says there are profiles that have the record type associated.  how do i remove the record type from the profile?
User-added image
Sameer TamboliSameer Tamboli
I was facing the same issue. 
Thank you  Akshay_Dhiman
Laxmi Chauhan 3Laxmi Chauhan 3
Hi Akshay,
I got stuck in the last step only and couldn't find the "Qualification" value for the "Stage" field.
Please help me out with this..
User-added image
David ArrebolaDavid Arrebola
I think your problem is here, you don´t have the Qualification Stage created.User-added image
Hope it helps
jeevan poojarjeevan poojar

Even I am unable to clear the challenge " Could not find a default value of 'Qualification' for the 'Stage' field". I have followed same steps as explained above. And as mentioned by David, I could see 'Qualification'  stage set in Opportunity as well. I am not understanding whats the issue here. 

Please advice. 

Sushil RajputSushil Rajput
In my case Record type was not master, so you can try changing Record type of you have more than 1 .
Ian Lin 766Ian Lin 766
@Sushil Rajput

Your solution worked for me, thank you!