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Harald MayerHarald Mayer 

Wanted: Operations Engineer for Force.com Managed Package Development and Distribution

We are:
  • a highly successful SaaS company
  • passionately building B2B Enterprise software on the Salesforce AppCloud that allows some of the world’s most innovative companies to manage their Intellectual Property (check out the reviews)
  • with an awesome team of people, working around the globe for an international customer base
We are looking for:
  • a Force.com Dev/Admin with solid understanding of, and experience in, managed package development and distribution
  • with practical knowledge in git and CI tools
  • who ideally has already had touch points with CumulusCI, Salesforce DX and Packaging 2
  • to work on release management, on the improvement of our Software Development Lifecycle, and on creation of automation for our package distribution
  • preferably located in CET timezone
If you are either interested in becoming a permanent member of our remotely organized product development team led from Vienna, Austria, or are available for contract work for at least 25h/week within the next 6 months, please get in touch with harald.mayer@ipfolio.com, ideally providing a resume and/or LinkedIn/Trailhead profile.