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Raja JammulaRaja Jammula 

Enhanced Lightning Grid app Can anyone help me on this error?

Message: Uncaught Error in $A.getCallback() [Invalid date value]
Callback failed: apex://sortablegrid.sdgController/ACTION$GetSDGInitialLoad

In the sortable data grid i created there is no date field 

component descriptor:

File Name:


Skip trace:

Action.bound [as $finishAction$]()@https:/auraFW/javascript/9cP17KDqrLzgsg8CdQTfjw/aura_proddebug.js:6958:29

The sortable data grid i created doesn't have a date field at all
Jack VolkovJack Volkov
We're experiencing an issue I'm wondering is related.

Reproduce:  Go to account record that has a sortable grid component on the LEX page > Create a new event from the chatter feed

Error Message: Uncaught Action failed: sortablegrid:sdg$controller$reload [Cannot read property 'get' of undefined]
Callback failed: serviceComponent://ui.force.components.controllers.recordGlobalValueProvider.RecordGvpController/ACTION$saveQuickActionRecord
Component Descriptor: markup://sortablegrid:sdg
File Name:
Function: Object.getResponseData
Line: 552 Column: 61
Stack Trace: Object.getResponseData()@

@Raja - were you able to resolve your bug?  how?
Renaud AzieresRenaud Azieres
I have a similar issue when I try to edit the record on which I have enhance lightning grid component.
Uncaught Action failed: sortablegrid:sdg$controller$reload [Cannot read property 'get' of undefined]
Callback failed: serviceComponent://ui.force.components.controllers.detail.DetailController/ACTION$getPostSaveNavigationEvent
Jack VolkovJack Volkov
Turns out there was an empty Sortable Grid component on the page. This was causing the error. 
Empty component as seen in lightning page
Removing this empty component fixed the issue.
Pauline Bullock 4Pauline Bullock 4
Thank you  helped me too - something so stupid - I checked every realted list but did not look for empty grids!
Richard - HowardRichard - Howard
I have a problem that I beleive is related to the Payload string I am entering intoa new Enhanced Lightning Data grid list action.

Full details are posted here:

I wonder if anyone involved in this thread is able to take a look?

Any assistance appreciated.