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Migrate data from SFDC through Informatica cloud

Hope someone would have gone through atleast a similar exercise. i'm trying to migrate around 80mil records from sfdc through informatica. for the initial load we don't want to go big bang approach. so we need to split the sfdc records into batches so we can load them daily. my question is how to split the sfdc data? one of the suggestions is to use 15 digit salesforce id but again the question is how to split as it's not a sequential number. appreciate any ideas.
Hi Divya,

What kind of data load are you looking at handling on a daily basis?

Even though the ID is not a sequential number, if you order the data by ID, you can see it falling in a specific order. You can probably pick it up piece by piece with a little manual work (for example, 10 million at a time).

I understand it is not a clean way of doing it and has it's own pit falls. For example, if new records are added in the meantime, it could easily fall in the batch you have already processed.

To overcome that, you can restrict the recordset to using Created Date to on or before the day before first import. Anything created afterwards would be part of the Delta to be handled after the initial import.

Hope this helps.
divya k 20divya k 20
Thanks for the suggestion LBK. Would you know of any sequence generator that gives the id for every 10mil records?