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Opportunity and Training Session are related objects

1)Opportunity and Training Session are related objects.
2)Training Session should have following fields:
a)Opt-options (Picklist with values yes/no)
b)Country Picklist (India/Japan/UK/Singapore)
c)Primary-interest Picklist (Reading/Writing/Drawing/Music)
d)Secondary-interest Multi-valued Picklist (Fantasy/fiction/management/modern art/paint/crayon/pencil shading/classical/rock/pop)

e)Area of Interest (Rich Text Area)

f)Number Of Training Days

4)Display secondary fields’ crayon/paint/modern art if primary-interest field Drawing is selected.
5)Display secondary fields’ classical/rock/pop if primary-interest field Music is selected
6)Display secondary fields Fantasy/fiction/Management if primary-interest field Reading/Writing is selected
7)Ability to have a new field on Opportunity that shows the total number of training days which is a total from the “Number of Training Days” field on the related Training Session records.

8)If selected Opt-option is “Yes”, then user must provide a value for “Number of Training Days”.
i need solution for 7th question