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Narendra Reddy 13Narendra Reddy 13 

Collection size exceeded maximum 1000?

Hi Every One,

Can any body help me out resolve this issue.
Scinario: Under Work Order i have products consumed related list, here i am adding products from Products2 (PriceBookEntry).
When click on Add Products button it will open vf page. In vf page select option (Wrapper Class) i am getting error Collection size exceeded maximum 1000.
I have Products 1300+.

It needs urgent. Thanks In Advance.
Alain CabonAlain Cabon
All the items are added in one list but while displaying it on VF page; you should divide them into multiple lists of 1000 elements. 

SalesForce: Work Around to Overcome Collection Size Limit of 1000 elements.
Narendra Reddy 13Narendra Reddy 13
Thanks for your replay.
I have implemented this from this blog, but it is not working.
Alain CabonAlain Cabon
Ok, post your code here. There must be a mistake in your code.