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Tim KolbTim Kolb 

Are Attachments going to continue to be supported via the SOAP API?

I have an application using the attachment object to store files for external use.  There is no need to view or acces these file via the Lighting interface.  Will the Attachmenmt object still be supported by Salesforce?
Alain CabonAlain Cabon
The change in Lightning for the attachments is rather subtle.

The former attachments are deprecated in Lightning Experience and replaced by Files for new attachments but the legacy/former attachments are still shown in LEX excepted that are not returned in search. The new attachments created in LEX are always Files.

You are "just" loosing the direct search of attachments finally in LEX (but that could be embarrassing).

Lightning Experience: Attachments are being replaced by Files and not returned in search

Description: When performing a search within Lightning Experience users may report that Attachments are not returned in search results.
ResolutionThis is expected behavior and due to Attachments being deprecated in Lightning Experience. Attachments are being superseded and replaced in favor of the more robust Files feature. For more details on Files see Files Overview.

Lightning Experience users can still view legacy attachments on records however, they will not be returned in search results when performing a search from within Lightning Experience.