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POS receipt print from salesforce

Hi All,
i have created a dynamic pdf component,  am sharing the code . :
<apex:component > <apex:attribute required="true" type="string" name="type" description="specify header and footer type" /> <apex:stylesheet value="{!$Resource.dynaPdf}"/> <div class="{!type}" style="background-color:none;box-shadow: 80mm 10mm #888888;margin-bottom:100px"> <apex:componentBody /> </div> </apex:component>

and its generating the pdf, i want to take the print out of this pdf from  Epson TM T81 model,  link : https://www.epson.com.au/businesssystems/products/receiptprinters/DisplaySpecs.asp?id=tmt81

but am not getting where to make the changes , now the pdf is in A4 format , how and where to change . as per this thermal printer .

Plz reply . 
Thanks .
Looking for your valuable reply .