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This change set requires the "41.0" or later platform version.

Hi all,

I got the related to changeset issue like 
This change set requires the "41.0" or later platform version.
 i have all components like custome objects , fields, pagelayouts etc ...... not any coding part.

So How can i deployee from sandbox to production
Your Sandbox defaults to the highest available version (i.e., 41 at this time) when you add new objects.  When you deploy to Production (version 40 is highest supported at this time) you'll get an error.  Even though you may not be using version 41 features you have 1 or more objects marked as requiring version 41.

Here is a link that talks about how to change the version on an object then you'll just need to create another change set.
Thanks Dave, for your quick response 
But I have no custom components like classes, pages, and triggers if we have these then i can change the api version and re deployee it 
but in my case i have only few custom objects, fields, pagelyout,profile So in this case how can change the version and deployee to production

I hope you got my point!

Thanks Dave
Jack Saxe-StaralJack Saxe-Staral
Old thread, but on the off chance someone stumbles across this and it is helpful, I had the same problem as SunilKumar. My changeset only had custom objects, custom fields, and page layouts. Problem was that one of my custom fields was RollUp Summary. Removing the RollUp Summary field from the changeset allowed me to upload to my production environment which was on an older platform version.