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Geoffrey NixGeoffrey Nix 

Formatted a report for a challenge. Included all required fields but it saids it does not see the case owner field. However, the fie;ld is in the report. It's the first field. Even did the same on a new playground. Help.

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NagendraNagendra (Salesforce Developers) 
Hi Geoffery,

Follow some given steps:
  • Switch to Lighting Experience
  • Click on the Report and click on new Report  as given below:
User-added imageSelect the object and click on Create 

User-added imageSelect Summary Report
Remove All Column from the Summary Report
Drag the Case Owner, Subject,  Account Name and Status in the column (Group as Status) as given below:
User-added imageSave the report as Case Status and Run the Report
Check Challenge as:
User-added imageHope this will help you pass the challenge.

Mark this as solved if it;s resolved.

Geoffrey NixGeoffrey Nix
I did as you said and I’m still getting the same message. It does not see the “Case Owner” Field. As you can see, its right there. Please help. Been stuck here for like 5 days.