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Internal Salesforce Error: 1676106529-3497 (77818351) (77818351) Stack Trace: null


When I tried to publish my code  to production this error occurs in validation time.

Internal Salesforce Error: 1676106529-3497 (77818351) (77818351) Stack Trace: null

My code assign automatically the user to a public group.

Someone knows this error? And how I fix this?

Best Regards
NagendraNagendra (Salesforce Developers) 
Hi Rafael,

Sorry for this issue you are encountering.

This error can mean anything. It is an unhandled exception to the
Salesforce platform.This type of error indicates that an error has occurred that hasn't been trapped by the platform - a low-level java exception for example.
If you need to move quicker then start removing functionality from the component to isolate where the problem occurs and see if there are any other mechanisms you can use.

There may be - I'd use a binary chop technique of commenting out half the code and seeing if the error goes away, and narrow down from that.

Hope this helps.

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