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Autumn Yoakum1Autumn Yoakum1 

Contacts and Contact Group

Hi everyone! Does anyone know or familiar with how to create a relationship and functionality that would allow a contact to be related to a contact group directly from the contact record by means of a single field? I would also like to be able to add a single contact to multiple contact groups directly from a field. I've seen this work in other orgs and I am not familiar with how that could be built out.

Alternatively, would I be able to populate a field directly on the contact record with the contact group name once the contact has been added to the said group? 

The purpose for this is to be able to leverage salesforce engage with our already establised contact groups. 

Any advise would be great, thanks! 
Andrew EchevarriaAndrew Echevarria
You could have a Junction object "Contact Group" and provide each Contact with a look up to the Contact Group they correspond to. How many contact gorups could one contact be assigned to? Are we talking 2-3 or dozens?
Andrew EchevarriaAndrew Echevarria
Hmm, how many contacts would each group have? Infinite amount or select few?