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vishal yadav 62vishal yadav 62 

How to create Sessions in salesforce? Does Salesforce allows to make Sessions?

I want to integrate Salesforce with some website from which I want to get some data. According to that website API, we have to create Sessions and then other working.
I have searched for sessions in salesforce but have not found any related information that makes me clear about it. 
So please give me some right direction to get my answer. 
Rahul KumarRahul Kumar (Salesforce Developers) 
Hi Vishal Yadav,
May I request you please refer the below link for reference. Hope it will be helpful.

Please mark it as best answer if the information is informative.

Rahul Kumar
vishal yadav 62vishal yadav 62
Hi Rahul,
How to do this things ?
1)Typically used if you are planning to use REST API of platform
2)use enterprise or partner WSDL and use login() call to get sessionId.
can you help me out.
Naval Sharma4Naval Sharma4
Where do you want to access Session_ID? In the Salesforce code or on the website side code?

In Apex you can access.
In your website code, use the authorization process of REST.