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Karla Pliego 3Karla Pliego 3 

Formula not calculating correctliy

I created this formula, to calculate the total amount from a percentage and price fields. It seems pretty straight forward and a similar formula that I build is working fine. This one just spits out a 0, so a calculation is taking place but it is not calculating the total amount as needed. 

This is the form

IF( ISPICKVAL( Buyer_Side_Commission_Type__c , 'Percentage %') , Net_Price_After_Seller_Concessions__c * Buyer_Side_Commission__c /100, 
IF( ISPICKVAL( Buyer_Side_Commission_Type__c , 'Flat Fee') ,Buyer_Side_Commission__c, 0))

The other formula that works ok is this one. They are the same, the only thing that varies is the fields, what can be wrong with the one above???


IF( ISPICKVAL( Listing_Side_Commission_Type__c , 'Percentage %') , Net_Price_After_Seller_Concessions__c * Listing_Side_Commission__c /100, 
IF( ISPICKVAL( Listing_Side_Commission_Type__c , 'Flat Fee') ,Listing_Side_Commission__c, 0))

Hi Karla,
What is the value of the picklist Buyer_Agent_Commision_Total__c and Buyer_Side_Commission__c for the record you are getting 0 as the result?
Karla Pliego 3Karla Pliego 3
Buyer agent and buyer side comission are not picklist values they are number fields. The only picklists are the listing syde commission type - which can be a percentage or flat fee.