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Kt YadavKt Yadav 

Partner Community Implementation using Napili Template

Hi ,
I have implemented Partner Community using Napili Template, For Task/Event object I am not getting Edit/Delete button in Desktop view, but I am able to see it in mobile view.Please suggest any workaround.

Mobile View for the Standard/Custom button Task object
Wilfredo Morillo 20Wilfredo Morillo 20
Check the layout for the particular profile and make sure the button is added to the layout. Mobile goes by Salesforce1 actions.

Kt YadavKt Yadav
Hi ,
All the buttons for the task/event are already added to the respective profile.
I found a solution, its an issue with Custom Branding CSS which is used to provide community custom look and feel.
Salesforce Community has its separate CSS classes for Button, records, Tabs etc.
In my case, standard CSS for desktop was overridden to give it new design/color but for the mobile CSS was not overridden, that why this issue came into notice because I was able to see it on mobile.
To correct this I went to Edit CSS  in BRANDING section of Community Builder and wrote below the line.

.slds-col.slds-no-flex.slds-grid.slds-align-middle.actionsContainer {
    display: block !important;

Attaching the screenshot of working code  :)  Desktop view of a standard button added into the layout.
Issue Resolved