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Steve Noe 14Steve Noe 14 

"Control Access to Salesforce1" Challenge Issues

I am not able to get the challenge to work on this module. Anyone else figure it out. It appears to completely ignore the changes or cant find the app. Message is: "Challenge Not yet complete... here's what's wrong: Could not find the 'Salesforce1 for Android' Connected App with the specified settings."

Checked it a dozen times, but no luck. It looks like perhaps the app name no longer has exactly the same name.
Mark SomersMark Somers
Bumping this thread. I think the latest update to the Salesforce1 app changed the name for the app to "Salesforce for Android" in Salesforce. 

Because the app name has changed to "Salesforce for Android", trailhead cannot find "Salesforce1 for Android".

Until this challenge's requirements are updated to the new app name, the challenge cannot be completed.

Mark SomersMark Somers
The same change appears to be affecting this challenge as well.

Both of the challenges are impossible to complete due to the challenge checking a field that no longer exists.

Phil BlaneyPhil Blaney
Yep, I'm having the same problem.... can't complete due to the change of name.

Help us please!
Fernanda HeyworthFernanda Heyworth
I am not able to complete the challenge either! Tried uninstaling, reinstalling, different orgs. It will not let me finish the module.
Chris DuarteChris Duarte
Issue is now resolved. Our apologies for the trouble -- this was due to the rebranding of Salesforce1, which happened with short notice last week.
Cyrille Barraud 6Cyrille Barraud 6
It doesn't look fixed, unfortunately.
Rizwan Ali 12Rizwan Ali 12
Could not find the 'Salesforce for Android' Connected App with the specified settings.
I still got this error. Even I can't find 'Salesforce for Android 'in the Connected App.