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Alexander DalyAlexander Daly 

Challenge Not yet complete... here's what's wrong: Could not find the 'New Lead' flow in the 'Process Automation Home' page. Make sure the Developer Name of the page is 'Process_Automation_Home'.

Cannot pass this challenge although I have passed it on another account.

I've completely recreated every step. The Home page is Process_Automation_Home for developer name. This challenge keeps telling me it cannot find the new lead flow even though I can use the flow on the page to generate a new lead. It has full functionality but apparently theres a magical parameter I can't seem to pass to complete this challenge.
francys curvenfrancys curven
Have you figured out the fix?
Alexander DalyAlexander Daly
Create a new trailhead playground and do the process over. Worked on the new playground.
francys curvenfrancys curven
Thank you for the advice.
Kellie HughesKellie Hughes
Thank you Alexander I was stuck on this for longer than I would like to admit. It seems Salesforce has changed that task a few times so it was hard to find out the problem.
francys curvenfrancys curven
That worked. Thanks.
Jeremy BarrettJeremy Barrett
Here are instructions on how to build a new Trailhead Playground. You do not need start your trail all over again. I am glad that you can multiple playgrounds.
ankur jain 94ankur jain 94
I was also faing the same issue with this challenge and no matter what i do was seeing the same error message again and again. Looks like completing the challenge on a different trailhead playgroud is the only solution.
Kevin DombroskiKevin Dombroski
I am experiencing the same problem - my only guess is that I had some mistakes on my flow and ended up getting it settled w/ Version 3. I am wondering if it searches for "Version 1"?  Just a hunch - I will experiment w/ that later or else try an entirely new Trailhead like others have suggested/reached success. Uggh!  
Swetaleena SalesforceSwetaleena Salesforce
I was also facing the same issue. here is what i did and it worked fine.

I created a new lightning page with name 'Process Automation Home' in lightning app builder and made it as default home page. deleted other home pages those are created. but it might not needed to delete other homepages.  the challenge completed successfully :)
Swetaleena SalesforceSwetaleena Salesforce
before i have created with some other name like 'My Home Page' and deleting other home pages didnt work. is everyone using the 'Process Automation Home' page name and still getting the same error?
Kevin DombroskiKevin Dombroski
Folks had the same problem and there are more details on this post, so you may want to check that out: .  Yes, I was using Home page name 'Process Automation Home' - in my case, I *think* the problem was that my flow's "Unique Name" was incorrect. I deleted/recreated it after I discovered that and all was well, so check things like that (the error message is a little inaccurate if that was truly the problem/I suspect things like that are a factor)
Sai Manikantesh ThadikamaSai Manikantesh Thadikama
I have encountered the same problem, realised my "New Lead" flow was with different unique name - deleted the flow and recreated one. 
Later went back to lightning app builder page - mapped the newly created flow and activated it. 

Just check if the Unique names are assigned correctly, if not just deleted the element and recreate it. Cheers! 
Tarun Bakhru 3Tarun Bakhru 3
You need to go to the lightning app builder and make sure that the developer name of your page is "Process_Automation_Home". Once I fixed this it was successful without having to delete or redoing anything
Arvind JegatheesanArvind Jegatheesan
Found out the issue guys. When I created the "New Lead" flow for the first time, I saved it under a different name and thus the API name was also different. Unfortunately, you can't change the API name of the flow no matter what (I couldn't find a way at least). I had to delete the whole flow and create a brand new one and have it automatically save as "New_Lead" for the API Name.
Octavio LiceaOctavio Licea
Hi Arvid, I had the same issue, when I created for first time the flow I named it different that the exercices indicates, in order to solved it, I just save as as new flow and then I have the chance to named it correctlly. 
Derrick O'NealDerrick O'Neal
Once I create a new playground, how do I copy the work I've done already for the challenge? According to Jeremy Barrett I don't have to do it over again.
Umadevi SUmadevi S
Hi all,

You have to create the Process automation Home Page.

Setup->Lightning App Builder ->New
 Create the Process Automation Home(Type of Home Page) then cllick the chellange it work.
ankur jain 94ankur jain 94
I realized that I gave incorrect name to the Home page that i setup. After correcting the home page name and the API name for it, challenge completed successfully.
I faced the similar issue, but when i observed closely, the API name for New Lead is "Lead_Flow" which caused the Process Automation home page to identify the New Lead.  I used "save as" button on the flow Builder and this time i properly named "New_Lead" as API name for my flow and once again removed the flow component from canvas and added back, saved and activated. This time it worked in the same playground.
Pradeep Kotegar 8Pradeep Kotegar 8

Hi, I'm getting the below error while completing the challenge. It didn't work in new Trailhead org where I have created the new Flow. Please help.

***We can't find the 'New Lead' flow with the API Name New_Lead in the 'Process Automation Home' page. Make sure there is only one page with the label 'Process Automation Home'.***

Pradeep Kotegar 8Pradeep Kotegar 8
Hi All, It worked after renaming all the pages in App Builder and make sure you must have one page with Label '
Process Automation Home' and API with 'Process_Automation_Home'. 
Luis TurpoLuis Turpo
I had the same problem, I fixed it by changing the page label "Automation Home" to "Process Automation Home"