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Email notification if a field is changed on Opportunity

Hey guys,

I have created a WFR which updates the Approval_Status__c field to a null value if the Opportunity has already been approved and a user goes back into the record and makes a change to any of the fields.
I would like to an email to be sent to management which notifies them that a particular record has been changed and along with this it should define the fields that have been changed. It would be great if I could inlude the previous / new values.

Is this possible?
Purushotham YellankiPurushotham Yellanki
Hi NevDev,

One way of tracking old field values is by enabling Field History Tracking for the fields that you want to track changes on and here you will have a limit of max 20 fields that you can track for any Object and on top of it you will not get those changed values unless you query on History Object. With out of the box functionlaity I don't think this is possible, Unless you go with some custom logic to create a custom object and store list of fields that were chagned and using this you can always build custom code to form an email alert and send it to required users

Thank you

Hi Purushotham,

Thank you for your response. Yes I'm familiar with field history tracking. I had already thought about building a custom object to capture the changes but I was hoping that there was some kind of apex script that might have been used to achieve something like this in the past. I guess I just need to build the custom object and try and figure it out from there.

Thanks again.