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Work with Scheme builder issue

I have the some problem with work with scheme builder trailhead,I have done it correct
I have checked it more than 10 times ,its the same error again

Work with schema builder

Use Schema Builder to create a custom field for the Property object
DreamHouse brokers often visit properties with their clients. They want to see on the property record where the property is located. Use Schema Builder to add a street address field to the Property object.
Field data type: Text Area
Field label: Street Address
Always require a value in this field in order to save a record: Selected

Challenge Not yet complete... here's what's wrong: 
The field 'Street_Address__c' either does not exists on the Property__c object or it is not of type textarea.

I have completed all the steps listed but still getting this same result. Any ideas?

please some one help me

Prashant GandhiPrashant Gandhi


To verify whether the steps you have performed are correct or not, i would suggest you to check the Property object.

Check whether there is a field named  Street_Address__c under the custom field and relationship and also is it a Text Area type and not Text Area(Long or Rich).
Also check for the field label and field name. As the field name auto-populates when you enter a field label.


sure 36sure 36
Everything looks perfect still the same error....dont know why?
Prashant GandhiPrashant Gandhi
Please share the screen-shot of the object and the custom field.
Also i would suggest if still it doesn't works out, try deleteing the field and also remove from recycle bin too and try again.