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John Visser 17John Visser 17 

The 'Sales Rep Win Rates' report chart does not appear to be using a vertical bar chart

Can someone help me?

I keep getting this result: "The 'Sales Rep Win Rates' report chart does not appear to be using a vertical bar chart" although the report dóes show a vertical bar chart.
It's in:  "Create Reports and Dashboards for Sales and Marketing Managers; "Visualize Your Data"

I tried by doing the whole trail again in a fresh/new dev org, but keep getting the same result.

Melissa AdelmanMelissa Adelman
I am having the same issue.  Have you been able to fix it?
John Visser 17John Visser 17
Unfortunately, not yet :<(
Yves Asselin 3Yves Asselin 3
I have the SAME problem... grrrr...
Brian Moss 3Brian Moss 3
Same issue.
Brian Moss 3Brian Moss 3
I found the issue, but I have to say this module is the worst quality trail head module I have worked with. 

The message displayed about the vertical bar chart doesn't really have anything to do with the error. What I did to fix it was to go into the chart settings for the report, and remove the Close Date field under x-axis. Saved the report and then I was able to move forward.

User-added image
Thanks !
Fixed it for me :)
Archita patnaik 2Archita patnaik 2
Thank you, Its working and challenge completed. 
John Visser 17John Visser 17
Removed the Close Date, but  didn't solve the problem ( got a new error)
So..... deleted everything again (for the 4th time) and worked the challenge from start.
Did everything the same as the other times, so don't know what made the difference, but this time it worked out fine (???)
Lorraine AubertLorraine Aubert
@Brian  Thank you. That worked for me! 
Luke Moody 7Luke Moody 7

@ Brian - I'm in the same boat as John. I removed the closed date, saved, and am still getting the error - Challenge Not yet complete... here's what's wrong:  The 'Sales Rep Win Rates' report chart does not appear to be using a vertical bar chart. 

Very frustrating and confusing :-( The directions say to create a Table as well. Any recommendations great appreciated!


Brian Moss 3Brian Moss 3
@luke, did you go into chart settings and remove the close date field? The error message isn't helpful in pointing to the root cause.
killian gilbert-smith 5killian gilbert-smith 5
@ Brian - thank you!! I was at a loss. whew :)
Tim VerheydenTim Verheyden
@Brian OMG you're my hero. That is a very stupid bug...
Jessica LombardJessica Lombard

I am also getting the same error: "Challenge Not yet complete... here's what's wrong:
The 'Sales Rep Win Rates' report chart does not appear to be using a vertical bar chart."

I have removed the "closed date" on the graph, and removed it, redone that graph twice and deleted the dashboard and redid the challenge.

Still no luck!! Please help :(

Tamal chakrabortiTamal chakraborti
Thanks Brian never would have figured out !!!! 
Still have the same problem, after removed "Close Date" on the graph, redone graph (in my trailhead playground and also in my personal account), redid the callenge, but nothing change..
Solved the problem :) @Jessica Lombard
I was removed "close date" just in the Dashboard and nothing changed, so you need to go in Reports Tab and click on your Sales Rep Win Rates report, Click the gear to open the chart editor (on the right of the chart) and delete "Close Date", in the report I had the "close date" selected, but after delete it (in Dashboard and in Reports do the same thing), I solved the problem.
Hope to help you too. :)
Herbert ThorntonHerbert Thornton
Yes. Brian, you're a lifesaver
Javier HidalgoJavier Hidalgo
Thank you very much... it worked for me. Brian, you are a genius.
Terry Ulanch 18Terry Ulanch 18
that worked for me... removed info about x axis 
Vinod Kumar GVinod Kumar G
Thank you..!
It works for me
Laura Sánchez SánchezLaura Sánchez Sánchez
@Harlette Burghelea thanks a lot!! The other solution was not enough for me, but now it works!!!
@Harlette Burghelea,@Laura Sánchez Sánchez i tried  other method didnt worked followed your method it worked, stucked for 30 mins to solve this.finally Badge.
Debaranjan GhoshDebaranjan Ghosh
I applied the solutions as suggested and now it shows "There was an unexpected error while verifying this challenge. Usually this is due to some pre-existing configuration or code in the challenge Org. We recommend using a new Developer Edition (DE) to check this challenge. If you're using a new DE and seeing this error, please post to the developer forums and reference error id: FEHESTLI" takes sufficient time to make the reports so is there anyt way to copy reports from one Developer Edition to a TP( Trailheader Playground )?
Jeffrey MatuchaJeffrey Matucha
Brian Moss, I owe you a coke! I was about to hit my head against my monitor until I found your solution!
Thanks @Lette, you saved my life....
Yes, we need to remove the close date from the report.
Christopher Zenner 8Christopher Zenner 8

This module lhas been a nightmare of problems. Why would I be missing and a few greyed out graph options? Trying to do the guage not allowing me to complete in this one? working on getting a a screenshot under 1MB as it won't post. Is this something I am able to fix or some sort of bug

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

Faith OlaFaith Ola
Hello Everyone,

Help!!! i see u all discovered the issue with the chats in 2017. Can someone help.....The 2021 version...they're is no closed date under X - Axis. See below....

User-added image
Abhinay SinghAbhinay Singh
Hi @Faith,

Hope you would have solved the issue by now. 

But in case, if it's still there after the abbove mentioned troubleshooting steps. Do check for a duplicate Sales Rep Win Rates report. You may have two reports with same name. Please delete the irrelevant report and you will be good to go.

If you couldn't solve by this as well, do let me know. Will be happy to help you!