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Lisa SeilerLisa Seiler 

inputField for child object

Hi @ all,
I have a Visualforce Page to show all orders from an event related to one account (account.Id). In a table:
<apex:pageBlockTable style="=flex-item, table" var="orders" value="{!allOrders}">

!allOrders are all orders from the related event, for example here one column:
<apex:column headerValue="ORDER ID" value="{!orders.Id}" />

It is working perfect. In every row is the id, price and a description for one related child object from the event (ord more if they are more ;) )

I have a extension to do something.
On the page I have a form and a commandLink because I need to catch every single order.Id and account.Id. I get it with param and on my class with Apexpages.currentPage.....:
<apex:param name="orderIdValue" value="{!orders.Id}"/>

relatedOrderId = Apexpages.currentPage().getParameters().get('orderIdValue');

It is working perfect.
Now I have a inputField that allows to do some corrections from the account's side...
I need to save the new value and work with them on my "action-method" "save". But I can not transfer the new input by a user from the visualforce page to my extension/class.
I tried it with:
  • get;set; -> not working
  • apex:param -> not working
  • a new variable + inputText -> not working

It is only working if I use a new value on my class ->
public String input {get; set;}

And this one on my page:
<apex:inputText value="{!input}" id="theInput" />

But if I have more than one record, I have to fill in all fields and only the last value is remembered. So If I want to save for example 2 values, 1. = 1 and the 2. is 5, only 5 is saved.

I hope somecone can help me, I need to change values from every single record.