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Patrick McConnell 6Patrick McConnell 6 

Business Administration superbadge step 5

I am currently on step 5 of the superbadge, and I'm getting this error:

Challenge Not yet complete... here's what's wrong: 
The record type 'Residential Opportunity' has the incorrect business process assigned.

Obviously I've set up the Residential Opportunity record type. I also created a sales process called Residential Opportunities and used the stages in the guidelines, and I DID assign it to the Residential Opportunity record type. I'm not sure where I'm going wrong here. Is this a bug?User-added image
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Patrick McConnell 6Patrick McConnell 6
I created another trailhead playground just for this one step and it worked. 

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NagendraNagendra (Salesforce Developers) 
Hi Patrick,

Please follow the below steps to complete the challenge.

First,  let’s create a new Sales Process and keep only required values.
User-added imageNow, copy the existing Opportunity Page layout and call it Residential Opportunity Page, delete the fields specified in the instructions and add the Quantity field. Don’t forget to save it.
User-added imageAs next step, navigate to Compact Layouts section, click on New button and create a new Opportunity Compact Layout.
User-added imageCreate a new Record Type. Assign it only to Custom: Sales Profile and System Administrator profiles.
User-added imageLastly, assign the new record type to the profiles (don’t forget page layout assignments too).
User-added imageAha! That’s that. Now check the fifth challenge and move on to the last one. I can almost see the new badge on your Trailhead profile.

Hope this helps.

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Patrick McConnell 6Patrick McConnell 6
I did everything on this list and I'm still getting the same error.
Patrick McConnell 6Patrick McConnell 6
And this is a fresh Trailhead playground too.
Patrick McConnell 6Patrick McConnell 6
I created another trailhead playground just for this one step and it worked. 
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Amanda LawlanAmanda Lawlan
I'm in the same boat as you Patrick, did you ever figure it out?
Patrick McConnell 6Patrick McConnell 6
Not exactly. I created a new Trailhead playground to do this one specific step. But upon reflection I realize a thing I might have done that confused the verification system. 

Make sure you only have one process named Residential Opportunities. I think I accidentally made a process for another process before realizing my mistake and switching to a sale process. I didn't delete that lone process.
David DragovaczDavid Dragovacz
I had the same problem and it was because I created a Support Process instead of a Sales Process at first and forgot to delete it. After deleting the support process, it worked fine :)
NagaDivya GrandhiNagaDivya Grandhi
Hello...I'm getting the following error while doing BAS challenge6...
Challenge Not yet complete... here's what's wrong:
Couldn't find the correct stages for the 'Residential Opportunities' business lifecycle.
please find the screen shot
NagaDivya GrandhiNagaDivya Grandhi
soory in challenge5
Zach TunisonZach Tunison
It will give you this error if you have not associated the Sales Process with the "Residential Opportunity" record type.  The error makes it appear as if it is checking the values in the sales process when it is actually checking the values in Record Type > Sales Process.
Lalit Gupta 37Lalit Gupta 37

Hi NagaDivya Grandhi,

In utility Opportunities sales process also add the values mentioned in chalenge for residential Opportunities :
User-added image

And Keep in mind to add the Residential opportunites sales process for residential opportunity record type.

please feel free to ask if you you get stuck anywhere.


Piyush Lilhare 15Piyush Lilhare 15
@David Dragovacz
This helped me. I had a support process with same name. After deleting it the challenge completed successfully.
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