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Christopher ConzeChristopher Conze 

Create new button in "open Activity section - Salesforce classic

we still work in salesforc classic. 

I would like to create a new button in the open activity section.

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When clicking on the button, a new event should open up with a prefilled  titel. More or less the same functionality as if i click on new event, but with a different layout.
I tried to do this but ended up in a negative result.
Is there an easy way to do this without much programming ?
Thanks in advance

Kamal ThakurKamal Thakur
Hi Christopher, 
What actions do you want to perform on the button click? Different layout as a VF page? 

HI Chris,

first you have to create a custom button on Object on which this event is a related list whose display type should be "List Button"
Now your button is ready to be used on related list
Setup > App Setup > Customize > Object > Page Layout > Edit > Go to related list > Properties of Contact Related list > Buttons > Select your custom button from multiselect picklist and add it in Selected Button picklist > Save.

To open up a different Layout !! you have to create Record Types nad then choose Layout for each Record types.

Christopher ConzeChristopher Conze
Hi Ashish,

Thanks for your answer.
But i dont hava a Button option under properties of Contact related list instead i can see only columns option.

Kamal ThakurKamal Thakur
Christopher for that Goto Page Layout > Click on the Wrench Icon > Click on Button 

User-added image
User-added image

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