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Christophe CanoChristophe Cano 

Live App in Quip: Fail to use comand "quip-apps pack"

context- trailhead module : Quick Start: Quip Live Apps > Run Your Live App in Quip

I Had to install python in order to execute quip-apps in order to success.
Creating a app using a python :
C:\..\quip-apps-sdk-0.91\bin>C:\Users\e371495\AppData\Local\Programs\Python\Python36-32\python .\bin\quip-apps init myApp FCCAjAoobBu
INFO:root:Successfully initialized apps\myapp

I get an OK from npm install and build.
but I am not able to pack the application :
C:\..\quip-apps-sdk-0.91>C:\Users\e371495\AppData\Local\Programs\Python\Python36-32\python bin\quip-apps pack apps\myapp\app
I get the following :
User-added image
Thank you,
Christophe CanoChristophe Cano
I am still failling to pack using the command tool.
I zipped manually the files and get succes to upload the app to Quip.

Brandon BaumanBrandon Bauman
The instructions don't include installing Python. This trailhead needs to be fixed to include better instructions. I'm assuming if I install Python, I'm going to run into the same issues Christophe is. Is anyone out there able to offer a solution?
Stefanie BayerStefanie Bayer
Having the same issue here. Were you able to resolve this in any way?
Brian CBrian C
After changing some hard-coded references to unix-style paths in the code, I was able to build app.ele successfully. However, it won't upload on quip/dev as it still looks for app.js using dist\app.js. 
meenalochani anandhanmeenalochani anandhan
Try to insert path = path.replace("\\","/") just before assert path.startswith("./")  in \quip-apps-sdk-0.91\binquip-apps file and try to execute 
C:\..\quip-apps-sdk-0.91>C:\Users\e371495\AppData\Local\Programs\Python\Python36-32\python bin\quip-apps pack apps\myapp\app

Hope this solves the issue.
Forrest HartleyForrest Hartley

I've replaced the path (of python) as Meenalochani suggested. No joy: same as above when trying to pack the app. I even went as far as to try more 'unix-y' commands:


PS C:\Users\fhartley\quip-apps-sdk-0.91> C:\Python27\python \bin\quip-apps pack apps\bear\app
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File ".\bin\quip-apps", line 160, in <module>
  File ".\bin\quip-apps", line 156, in main
    create_package(args.args[0], args.output)
  File ".\bin\quip-apps", line 123, in create_package
    assert path.startswith("./")
PS C:\Users\fhartley\quip-apps-sdk-0.91> C:\Python27\python ./bin/quip-apps pack apps/bear/app
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "./bin/quip-apps", line 160, in <module>
  File "./bin/quip-apps", line 156, in main
  File "./bin/quip-apps", line 123, in create_package


To build on what Christophe said he did as a workaround, if you zip the dist directory itself and add the manifest.json into the zipped file, then rename to app.ele it will upload correctly into Quip. 
Forrest HartleyForrest Hartley
If it's helpful it seems this behavior only applies to Windows, as I attempted to duplicate the behavior on my Mac. @Russell__c, I was able to zip as suggested on the PC, however, I redid the exercise on my Mac with no issues. 

Thanks all!
Kristen AKristen A
Hi all - do I understand correctly from the discussion above that I must install Python to complete the exercise?  I am currently not able to even complete the initialization step init myApp FCCAjAoobBu - just get the message that init is not a recognized command.  Thanks!
Christophe CanoChristophe Cano
Yes, my better suggestion is to instal python to complete the exercise.
after, zip manually the app instead of using the command "quip-apps pack ".
as Russell__c said : if you zip the dist directory itself and add the manifest.json into the zipped file, then rename to app.ele it will upload correctly into Quip.