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I write 4 different workflow rules with Email alerts in same object, right now sales team doesn't want to different mail alerts, they want see all alerts in single mail. how can i do this..

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Gokula KrishnanGokula Krishnan

Hi Rajesh,

My Suggestion,
Create one Email-Template by combining your four Templates, and make your division as per your request.(create or modifiy in last 7 days, close in next 7 days...etc). If your four templates are of same content,  then make one template.

in the Workflow Criteria, make OR() operation and check your condation
(All your four exist rule inside OR(), Eg: OR(Workflow Rule 1 condition here, WR 2, WR 3, WR 4).

Hence, only one workflow triggers and checks your four Existing rule in OR and Execute.


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