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Karla Pliego 3Karla Pliego 3 

export email templates

Hello, How can I export email templates that is not using data loader? I tried using data loader and the file was exported but I cannot open it, it came out not as a CSV file but a file that my computer cannot open, If I try opening with data loader, where it says open the file nothing happens, seems like there is a bug in the dataloader program because the button does not work. Any other ideas? I need all the email templates we have in SF. 
NagendraNagendra (Salesforce Developers) 
Hi Karla,

I think that's happening because the file was not correctly saved as a CSV.

Open the file location of your file, then rename the file by adding .csv at the end. You should be able to open it.

I also have this issue, unfortunately.

However, if I import the CSV file into Google Sheets it looks much better than Excel, at least for me.

Have you tried with Google Sheets?

Hope this helps.