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Ryan GreeneRyan Greene 

Field not showing in VF Page rendered as PDF

public class ProposalEC {
    public List<Lead> Ld {get;set;}
    public List<Component__c> Com {get;set;}
    public List<User> us {get;set;}
    public Id getid {get;set;}{
        getid = ApexPages.currentPage().getParameters().get('id');}    
    public ProposalEC(){
        Ld = [SELECT Id,OwnerId,UW_Facility_Size__c,Max_Advance_Rate__c,City__c,State_Company__c,Zip_Code__c, Street__c, Entity__c, Company,
              FirstName, LastName FROM Lead WHERE Id =: getid];
        Com = [SELECT Id,Aging_Collection_Every_X_Days__c,Aging_Collection_Beyond_X_Days__c,Fee_Aging_Collection__c,Fee_Funds_Usage_Daily__c,
               FROM Component__c WHERE RecordTypeId = '0123F0000008XdC' AND Active_Component__c = True AND Related_Lead__c =: Ld[0].Id];
        us = [SELECT FirstName, LastName FROM User WHERE Id =: Ld[0].OwnerId];
<apex:page controller="ProposalEC" renderAs="pdf">
    <apex:image url="{!$Resource.Logo}" style="left;" width="15%" height="15%"></apex:image>
    <apex:outputPanel rendered="{!Ld[0].Entity__c == '1'}">  
            Working Capital Proposal
    <apex:outputPanel rendered="{!Ld[0].Entity__c == '2'}">  
           Working Capital Proposal
    <apex:outputText value="{0,date,MMMM dd, yyyy}">
        <apex:param value="{!TODAY()}" />
        For: {!Ld[0].Company}<br/>
        {!Ld[0].City__c}, {!Ld[0].State_Company__c} {!Ld[0].Zip_Code__c}<br/>          
        I'm pleased to present {!Ld[0].Company} ("Client") with the following terms for a financing facility (the "Facility").<br/><br/>
        <b>Facility Size:</b> ${!IF(Ld[0].UW_Facility_Size__c < 1000, TEXT(ROUND(Ld[0].UW_Facility_Size__c,0)), 
        IF(Ld[0].UW_Facility_Size__c < 1000000, TEXT(FLOOR(ROUND(Ld[0].UW_Facility_Size__c,0) /1000)) 
        & ',' & RIGHT(TEXT(ROUND(Ld[0].UW_Facility_Size__c,0)), LEN(TEXT(ROUND(Ld[0].UW_Facility_Size__c,0))) - LEN(TEXT(FLOOR(ROUND(Ld[0].UW_Facility_Size__c,0) /1000)))), 
        IF(Ld[0].UW_Facility_Size__c < 1000000000, TEXT(FLOOR(ROUND(Ld[0].UW_Facility_Size__c,0) /1000000)) 
        & ',' & MID(TEXT(ROUND(Ld[0].UW_Facility_Size__c,0)), 1 + LEN(TEXT(1 + FLOOR(ROUND(Ld[0].UW_Facility_Size__c,0) /1000000))),3) 
        & ',' & RIGHT(TEXT(ROUND(Ld[0].UW_Facility_Size__c,0)), LEN(TEXT(ROUND(Ld[0].UW_Facility_Size__c,0))) - LEN(TEXT(FLOOR(ROUND(Ld[0].UW_Facility_Size__c,0) /1000)))), 
        <b>Advance Rate:</b> Up to {!Ld[0].Max_Advance_Rate__c}% on Client’s eligible accounts receivable.<br/>
    <apex:outputPanel id="ARI" rendered="{!Com[0].Advance_Rate_Inventory__c != null}">  
            <b>Advance Rate Inventory:</b> The lesser of 1) 65% of Net Orderly Liquidation Value as determined by an Inventory Appraiser acceptable to {!Ld[0].Entity__c} and 2) 50% of Eligible A/R and 3) the Inventory Sublimit, 
            ${!IF(Com[0].Inventory_Sublimit__c < 1000, TEXT(ROUND(Com[0].Inventory_Sublimit__c,0)), 
            IF(Com[0].Inventory_Sublimit__c < 1000000, TEXT(FLOOR(ROUND(Com[0].Inventory_Sublimit__c,0) /1000)) 
            & ',' & RIGHT(TEXT(ROUND(Com[0].Inventory_Sublimit__c,0)), LEN(TEXT(ROUND(Com[0].Inventory_Sublimit__c,0))) - LEN(TEXT(FLOOR(ROUND(Com[0].Inventory_Sublimit__c,0) /1000)))), 
            IF(Com[0].Inventory_Sublimit__c < 1000000000, TEXT(FLOOR(ROUND(Com[0].Inventory_Sublimit__c,0) /1000000)) 
            & ',' & MID(TEXT(ROUND(Com[0].Inventory_Sublimit__c,0)), 1 + LEN(TEXT(1 + FLOOR(ROUND(Com[0].Inventory_Sublimit__c,0) /1000000))),3) 
            & ',' & RIGHT(TEXT(ROUND(Com[0].Inventory_Sublimit__c,0)), LEN(TEXT(ROUND(Com[0].Inventory_Sublimit__c,0))) - LEN(TEXT(FLOOR(ROUND(Com[0].Inventory_Sublimit__c,0) /1000)))), 
    <apex:outputPanel id="IPF" rendered="{!Com[0].Fee_Invoice_Purchase__c != null}">  
            <b>Invoice Purchase Fee:</b> {!Com[0].Fee_Invoice_Purchase__c}% on the gross amount of all invoices submitted to {!Ld[0].Entity__c} for funding.
    <apex:outputPanel id="IMF" rendered="{!Com[0].Fee_Inventory_Monitoring__c != null}">  
            <b>Inventory Monitoring Fee:</b> {!Com[0].Fee_Inventory_Monitoring__c}%.<br/><br/>
            <b>Inventory Advance Formula:</b> The lesser of 1) 65% of Net Orderly Liquidation Value as determined by an Inventory Appraiser acceptable and 2) 50% of Eligible A/R and 3) the Inventory Sublimit.

I have a VF Page rendered as a PDF and the page populates all of my needed information except for one field; Max_Advance_Rate__c, should be around line 32 in the VF code. It is a percent field, and I do have other percent fields displayed and working on the current VF Page. Any suggestions? VF and Class below

Have you checked for the following?
  1. If the User account through which the page is being viewed has Visible permissions in Field Level Security set for that User's Profile.
  2. If the record in consideration has a value set for the Max_Advance_Rate__c field being displayed on the page.
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