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Kumar GKumar G 

Please suggest on below error : Insert operation

When i am trying to insert a data , i am getting a error like :DUPLICATE_EXTERNAL_ID:Name: more than one record found for external id field: [01280000000GGScAAO, 01280000000GEiLAAW, 01280000000GGSYAA4, 01280000000GEiJAAW]:Name

Please suggest on this.

Waqar Hussain SFWaqar Hussain SF
While creating external Id field you have checked the Unique attribute on field defination. And now you can not have more than 1 record in you system with same external id field. You inserting records with same external ids due to which you are getting error.

Does this make sense?
Rahul Gharde 4Rahul Gharde 4

you might have created Name with External ID as checked due to which your data is insertion throwing error.