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Evgeny KumeykoEvgeny Kumeyko 

Business vs Person account

I'm doing Accounts & Contacts - Getting Started with Accounts and Contacts module. It tells me to make sure the new account that I need to create is a BUSINESS account. How do I specify if it's a BUSINESS or PERSON account?
Harm Korten 26Harm Korten 26
By selecting the corresponding record type when creating the account
Daisy ScottDaisy Scott
Hi Evgeny,

If both account  has Activated then we can Choose Record type at the time of record creation and select account as per the requirement

We have Two Account Business vs Person account.....

Business Account which has Account and Contact as its child. Business Account used when a company has setup their business with salesforce and they have clients(customer) which is other company.

Person Account only has Account object and no contact object because person account is Self a Contact.Person Account used when your company organisation business with individuals not with company.We don't have permission for the Person account by default we have to ask Salesforce for Person Account.

To setup and know more about personal you can refer to this Pdf file:-


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